1-on-1 English Lesson

On our platform, we aim to help you master the English language, regardless of your level or problems, so that you can speak fluently and write any text in a professional manner, in addition to active reading and listening. Our pedagogical method adopts a different approach, where the learner is the one who speaks more and participates in an effective way, so that the professor’s role remains guidance. Our motto is English from scratch, the insistence of professionalism.

Who Takes This Course

Individual PLATINUM is a 24 x 1-hour live classes designed to help you achieve English fluency. Choose from the elementary, pre-immediate, immediate, and advanced level, our 1-on-1 English lessons are tailored to your exact level, goals and interests.

Course Duration

3 months, 24 live classes in total.

Pre – requisites:

Computer, laptop or your phone + Internet

What do I gain from this course?

You won’t waste your time going back and forth to language institutes. Choose the day and time for your learning. Get a certificate of achievement after passing each level. 80% of the content is applied so that you can speak and write as quickly as possible.

Course Sections

✔️Homework Review
✔️Get to know (Grammar)
✔️Let’s practice
✔️Discussion (Communication)
✔️Life story
✔️Role play

Homework Sections

✔️Let’s practice
✔️Write it up
✔️Watch it (video)

Individual PLATINUM

Individual lessons with a private tutor, where you benefit from a range of privileges such as setting your own schedule

484 USD


/3 months

( $11.2 /1 hour )

Benefits of individual learning

  • All the time is for you alone with a recognized English teacher

  • 24 x 1-hour live classes to achieve English fluency

  • Greater flexibility in choosing the time and day

  • Get certified!

  • Learning is interactive, as the learner writes, corrects mistakes and arranges sentences on the platform

  • Professional pedagogy so that the student speaks 70% and the teacher only 30% of the time

  • Free dictionary for life

  • The possibility of repeating the lesson and exercises several times

  • Development of the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week