Online English For Businesses

Let EngFlexy help you grow your business with the power of language

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Business English Courses

You and your team will get access to a tailor-made English language solution, which includes interactive, online group lessons!

  • Business english online course

  • 1-on-1 or group English lessons

  • Management Meetings

  • Progress reports provided

  • Get certified!

Learn English online
Learn English online

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Corporate English Courses

We keep the classes small and only have your team on each live session. This means we can use breakout rooms and stick to the language that truly matters to your team.

  • Business english training

  • 2-8 students in a group

  • Free level assessments

  • Feedback reports

How Our Business English Courses Work

Learning English with EngFlexy couldn’t be easier for your business.Here’s the process that can be completed in 3 steps

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English Course for Maximum Results

Access thousands of hours of vibrant interactive lessons designed to help you grow your business with language power.

  • Save words to the dictionary

  • One-click translation

  • Progress tracking dashboards

  • Text and voice chat for discussions with teacher

  • Interactive games, activities, and roleplays

online english course
Learn English online

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Business English Classes

We work with each business differently as we focus on goals specific to your team, using a blended learning strategy for maximum results.

  • Business English

  • Gerneral English

  • Spoken English

  • English for emails

  • TOEFL preparation

Why Learn English with EngFlexy

Flexible, Affordable and Certified!