Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Our affiliate program allows websites to earn commissions by promoting our online English courses. Read all the details below:

1. Definitions
In this agreement:
“We/Our” refers to EngFlexy, the top online English learning platform.
“You/Your” refers to the affiliate applying to join our program.
“Website” means the site(s) where you’ll promote our courses.
“Courses” means any subscription plan on
“Referral links” are the custom URLs we give for your website.
“Qualifying sales” are course purchases from users who click your referral links.

2. Terms
You’re accepted once we review your application. The agreement lasts 30 days from either party giving notice to end it. We may reject applicants or terminate immediately if you break the rules or aren’t a good fit for our brand. In that case, any earned commissions will be forfeited.

3. Promotion
You’re free to promote our referral links however you like, as long as it follows our guidelines. Our affiliate center provides recommended materials like banners, text ads, and newsletter recommendations. You can add or remove links at any time without approval.

Acceptable methods include blog posts, social media posts, banners, text links, and newsletter recommendations to existing subscribers or clients. However, spam of any kind will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of earnings.

It’s your responsibility to ensure any content you create for promotional purposes follows copyright laws. You must have permission to use others’ copyrighted materials.

4. Prohibited Actions
Breaking any of these rules will result in instant termination without notice or earned commissions:

Click Fraud: Don’t require or encourage fake or unnecessary clicks.
Inappropriate Content: No referral links on pages with harmful, illegal, explicit or deceptive content.
Intellectual Property: Don’t violate others’ IP rights.
Personal Purchases: Don’t use your own link to earn commissions.

5. Tracking Qualifying Sales
We provide custom referral links tied to your account with never-expiring cookies. You’ll earn credit for future purchases by referred users. Cookies may switch to another affiliate if the user later clicks their link.

We carefully track qualifying sales. It’s your responsibility to properly integrate referral links for accurate tracking. You won’t earn commissions if you fail to do so correctly. Sale reports are available via your account page.

6. Order Fulfillment
We determine pricing per our policies. Product availability may change. Customers are charged the price on our site linked from yours.

We strive to maintain site uptime but temporary interruptions may occur. You waive liability for downtime consequences.

We solely process/fulfill orders placed through your links, using our secure ordering system. Our site terms apply. You can’t make offers on our behalf. We may reject non-compliant orders and aren’t liable for your claims contradicting policies.

Customer privacy is protected; information isn’t shared.

7. Referrals and Payments
Unless agreed otherwise, we pay 10% commissions on net proceeds from qualifying referrals (“Referral Fees”). Fees also apply to renewals by original referred customers during the term. You’re responsible for taxes.

Payments are monthly via your designated PayPal by the 1st Friday. Keep info accurate. Fees under $50 minimum delay until qualifying or ending.

You earn only for qualifying referrals during the term. No payment for refunds/returns; we may temporarily withhold for cancellations/refunds. Returned commission deducts from next payment. Earned pre-ending remain payable unless returned. Final payment timing ensures accuracy.

8. Intellectual Property
You acknowledge our ownership of trademarks/IP. Preserve rights in marketing/sales. We grant royalty-free non-exclusive licenses for website linking and limited branding use, subject to approval. You grant similar licensing to us during the term.
Each party represents they have authority to enter this agreement and obtain necessary licenses/approvals. Services don’t infringe IP rights.

9. Liability
We aren’t liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages. Maximum liability is referral fees paid in prior 12 months.

10. Indemnification
We defend each other against third party IP claims relating to own content/operations.

11. General Terms
Relationship is independent contractor. Assignments require consent. Neither party liable for force majeure delays. Modifications by posting updated terms. Notices by email. Entire agreement defined herein.

By signing up for our English affiliate program, you are in effect, agreeing to the above Affiliate Agreement.